I received a BFA in Painting and Photography from Cornell University and continued with graduate studies at Brooks Institute of Photography, before launching a career in photography that spans almost 30 years. 


The bulk of my early professional career was spent in New York City, focusing on advertising and editorial photographic illustration and working with such clients as US News and World Report, Forbes, Parenting Magazine, Hallmark, Penguin Books, and Simon and Schuster. From abstract concepts to products, people, special events, and everyday life, I've photographed just about everything - and been fortunate enough to have my images published all over the world. 


Photography demands attention to so many things all at once. It requires equal parts of science, design, light, timing, anticipation, accident and, when photographing people, psychology and vulnerability. Its immediacy invites me to explore, knowing the possibilities are endless in even the tiniest adjustments. What if I open up one stop, swing the rear standard, pump up the fill light, get closer, all in pursuit of the perfect orchestrated moment - or the perfect organic one - plucked from endless other possibilities waiting just outside the frame. 

I am never more curious and never more trusting of my instincts than when I'm photographing. It's almost like the camera activates a deeper nuance in my sight, offering me permission to play. In 30 years, I've never been lost with my camera, never wondered what to do next, where to look next, what to see next. That kind of certainty is rare in my life, and I'm grateful to have found it so long ago.