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I'm a lifelong maker, chronically creating, following threads of visual curiosity wherever they weave. Every instinct I have seems to relate to orchestrating the order in which an eye moves around a visual plane. 

I jump from tool to tool, teasing apart the possibilities- how nuance can be captured and conveyed, how hierarchies of tones communicate, how shadow hides and reveals us, how color screams, sings, or whispers, how catchlights in the eyes bring out our stardust, how line gives us no choice but to follow. 

After 30 years of creating imagery for a living, I am still enthralled with the process of making. From photography to painting, to gardening, parenting, or  just plain old living, there are always new creative boundaries to push, techniques  to master and accidents to embrace. I embrace all of it with  gratitude and wonder.   

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

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