Regardless of how much space I have to work with, Portrait sessions are always intimate. The camera has a way of tethering subject and photographer to a moment that is inevitably charged with the electricity of seeing and being seen.

It's a privilege to witness an authentic moment- even more so to help orchestrate one.

Successful photos require patience. And soul space. And trust. And damn hard looking. And science. And light.

Light changes everything.

The elements in the room are finite. I can reconfigure the furniture and carefully arrange the composition, but the light is what ultimately moves the viewer’s eye around the frame. The light always communicates where to look and how to feel. 

The light is the conduit that connects viewer and subject.  If it’s good light, it pays tribute to the subject for giving us permission to look.  It reminds us we’re beautiful 

Light gets me jazzed every time. 

But with portraits, the real magic is in the moment.

It’s in the genuine exchange that the camera happens to see. It’s in the spaces and the stories told between frames and then… shoulders relax, and a beloved moment is remembered… for a split second, the light from within meets the light from without and… Magic!

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