I studied painting and photography in school but I've worked professionally as a photographer for almost 30 years. I loved the darkroom- the fine art and craft of creating a single hero gelatin silver print, carefully nurtured through dodging and burning, developing and toning,  mounting and spotting- one print that carried so much care and love. I came back to painting yearning for that same thrill of creating something that felt truly irreplicable.

The first 5 years back at the easel have been a slow reunion, a rediscovery of who I am as an artist. I've explored all different kinds of mark-making, media, subject matter, and intention. Mostly, I've been reminded of how much bravery art-making requires. 


In these works, I see the culmination of a deeply personal artistic journey. They are unplanned, endeavored with no conscious intention other than to stay open to what shows up. Whatever my subconscious wants to explore, I express - no wonder there are so many hints of childhood in the symbols and scenes that emerge.